Keynote responses: Goel, Kenney, Hothi, Sahebnassagh

2017 summer intensive

Aneesh Goel (St #: 39637146)

Austen Kenney (St #: 51448158)

Kabir Hothi (St #: 45728169)

Nazanin Sahebnassagh (St #: 85132165)

Keynote #2: Jeanette Armstrong / Richard Armstrong / Shawn Wilson

The indigenous song, Okanagan song, that Jeanette Armstrong performed with few others as a welcome was very interesting. If it had been played at the beginning of the intensive, it could have definitely evoked a better feeling of closeness with the entire program. The way Jeanette broke down the language. Independent actions, permanent traditions, change innovations, collaborative interactions lead to community solidarity and a balanced approach. It was brand new information to some of us that Richard Armstrong is teaching indigenous languages at UBCO. It’s related to the people here.

When Richard Armstrong left to go and care for the land by working with engineers on the salmon situation, he physically proved that he wasn’t just talking about what should be done. Armstrong portrayed active action. He brought about tangible change that people like Larry want to see. The idea of red ochre that Richard was talking about, related to the things that artist shouldn’t use or do. He has a school that he teaches this art to which is also very intriguing. Ignoring spiritual connections, in western movies the red ochre is used for face painting to portray “The Indian” who’s usually going for a battle at that point in time.

An elder is talking about artistic practices that should not be used by non-indigenous creators. The idea of twenty-five different languages, all able to communicate because they had the same beliefs. Executive power. Guidelines for indigenous artists were very strong. If the color was invented by the indigenous people, would it have the same resemblance to them? “We’re only beautiful if our land is beautiful.” Jeanette Armstrong. Working together with habitat/science is such an important idea because there are so many ideas and innovations within those two fortes. Empathy and critical thought in the future will help bring ideas together. Doing a little research before actually implementing it is very important to the process for any artist to present his or her work. Always should remain connected to the land. Cannot separate an organism from its environment. Science is great but we still don’t understand the tangents of the brain and its behavior. With stories, Shawn Wilson mentioned sharing and shaping and changing. That relates back to the idea of being able to tell a story, and by sharing a story, we can shape and change someone’s views about the world, whether they may be changed or not, our opinions are still being heard by society.

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