tule mat house: Indigenizing the Built Environment

2017 summer intensive

tukʷtniɬxʷ  – tule mat house
Indigenizing the Built Environment
Tule lodge construction and display
UBC-O campus July 11-14, 2017
J Lot at Old Pond Trail

This project brings Dr Shawn Brigman, Spokane Salish to the northern tip of his relative nation to share his knowledge of deconstructing the built environment and reconstructing it with Indigenous housing technology. Interested urban/on-reserve sqilxw communities, invited guests, and departments that have an interest in Engineering, Management, Ecology, Archeology, Health Studies, Cultural Studies, Art History, Zoology, Fine Art, and Indigenous Studies are invited to engage in and witness durational performances in traditional tattooing and storytelling.
Shawn Brigman is an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe of Indians and descendant of regional Salish bands (San Poil, Arrow Lakes, and Shuswap). As a traditional artisan for 12 years, his creative practice has been one of project based ancestral recovery efforts in Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Southern British Columbia, exploring and transforming the way people read Plateau architectural space by celebrating the physical revival of ancestral Plateau art and architectural heritage.

This involves working with communities to connect to sources of Indigenous knowledge, often taking learners out to ancestral lands to gather a diverse range of natural materiality for ancestral structures like tule mat lodges, pit houses, and most recently the lost art of sturgeon nose canoes. – S.Brigman

If you are interested in volunteering or have students who would be interested in learning more about Dr Shawn Brigman and his specialized practice please contact Mariel Belanger coordinator at mjbelanger73@hotmail.com

Thank you

Mariel Belanger
Initiative Coordinator

Supported by the UBCO Tuum Est Fund

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