2017 Summer Intensive

2017 summer intensive

What is this project?
The Summer Indigenous Intensive has been operating at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus, since 2014, growing out of the previous Summer Graduate Indigenous Institute which started in 2005. The SII has various components, but the main ones are the offering of a suite of undergraduate and graduate courses for postsecondary students at UBCO and elsewhere, and an artist residency that features emerging and established artists interested in engaging and interacting with each other, students, and a general public. Each year is constructed and thematized differently to ensure a fluidity of ideas and knowledge.

What is happening this year?

There are three major components to this year’s activities. First, we have a series of keynote lecturers speaking every Wednesday at 12 noon at the University Theatre at UBC-Okanagan. These are free and open to the public, including students and resident artists. The speakers this year are Jeannette Armstrong, Monika Kin Gagnon, Chris Creighton-Kelly / France Trepanier, Shawn Wilson, and Graham Smith / Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Second we have a number of artists in residence including senior artists Alex Janvier, who will be working in the FINA art gallery in the Creative and Critical Studies Building, and James Luna who will be doing major exhibition at the Alternator Gallery downtown (opening July 7) and a master performance workshop from July 10-12. Other artists will be in residence for two-week blocks through the month of July. Third, we have a series of courses related to Indigenous practice and thought, also offered through the month of July.


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