Cultures of Reconciliation: sept 25-27, saskatoon

2017 summer intensive

Following, a draft of the program for this event in Saskatoon.

Cultures of Reconciliation: Academic, Artistic, Activist
A Humanities Research Unit Event

Location: Graduate Student Centre, University of Saskatchewan, and Mendel Gallery, Saskatoon
Time: September 26-27, 2013
Participants include: Roy Miki, Jennifer Henderson, Pauline Wakeham, Dan McDonald, Rebecca Belmore, Dana Claxton, Adrian Stimson, Lori Blondeau, Tomas Borsa, Ashok Mathur, Ayumi Goto, Marie Battiste, Sakej Henderson, Lynne Bell, Isobel Findlay, Len Findlay, #idlenomore (Sheelah Mclean et al)

Events: Plenary address, panel discussions, performances, social mobilizations, graduate student public presentations over the course of the fall term, 2013.
Thursday 26 September
9:30 Welcome and elder’s prayer
10.00 to 11.30 Plenary address: Roy Miki (Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University)
Noon: #idlenomore Bowl, U of S Campus, followed by lunch on your own
2.00 to 3.30: Panel: Academic impacts: Envisaging, Contributing, Editing, Promoting: Jennifer Henderson Carleton University), Pamela Wakeham (Western University), Ayumi Goto (Simon Fraser University)
3.30 to 4.00 Nourishment break
4.00 to 5.30 Panel: Performance as Praxis: Dana Claxton, Adrian Stimson, Lori Blondeau
7:30 to 9 Mendel Panel: Performing, Documenting, Curating: Rebecca Belmore, Ashok Mathur (Thompson Rivers University), and Mendel Gallery staff

Friday 27 September
9.00 to 10.30 Panel: Academic Impacts: Faculty, Students, Curriculum, Research: Dan McDonald (Vancouver island University; Aboriginal Working Group rep., CAUT), Marie Battiste (U of S), ?Omeasoo Butt (U of S), ? Max Fineday President, U of S Students Union)
10.30 to 11.00: Nutrition Break
11.00 to 12.30: Panel: Community-University Impacts: Isobel Findlay (U of S and CUISR); Sheelah Mclean (U of S); Tomas Borsa (U of S alumnus and independent film maker)
12.30 to 2pm #idlenomore then lunch on your own
2.00 to 3.30: Panel: Is Your Work Going Anywhere? Presenters and Grad Students
3.30 to 4pm Nutrition Break
4 to 5.30 Open Session: Cultures of Activism, Reconciliation, and Redistribution
7.00 to 10 Dinner

The End

Context: four key developments underlie this event:
1. Reconciling Canada: Critical Perspectives on the Culture of Redress. Ed. Jennifer Henderson and Pauline Wakeham. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013.
2. Reconcile This! Ed. Jonathan Dewar and Ayumi Goto. West Coast Line No. 74: vol.46.2 (2012).
3. #idlenomore an initiative of Saskatoon women that has gone global.
4. English 803.3: to be offered by Len Findlay from September to December of this year: Cultures of Reconciliation: Two Texts and a Social movement, a graduate seminar housed in the English Department but open to students in other Departments and Colleges.

More details on programming etc. will follow


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