July 12 Keynote: Chris Creighton-Kelly and France Trepanier

2017 summer intensive

Keynote address: 1:30 pm, Wednesday, July 12, University Theatre (ADM026)
Land : Landed VIDEO link

Chris Creighton-Kelly and France Trépanier will enact a performative presentation, Land : Landed, concerned with two grand, historical narratives that impact contemporary, Canadian art discourses. One is the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing, specifically the centrality of land and its connection to art making. The other is the unprecedented migration of humans around the globe, specifically people of colour who arrive in the territory known as Canada, who bring their art practices with them. What do these two narratives have to do with one other?

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 3.41.59 PMFrance Trépanier is an artist/curator of Kanien’kéha:ka and French ancestry. She is the Aboriginal Curator at Open Space (Victoria). She was chosen as part of the 3-year International Indigenous Curatorial Exchange Program initiated by the Canada Council. She is a part time instructor in Indigenous Art Studies. Her artistic and curatorial work has been presented in venues across Canada. Her essays are disseminated in various publications.
Chris Creighton-Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and cultural critic. He was born in the UK of South Asian/British heritage. His artworks have been presented across Canada and in India, Europe & the USA. Chris has been persistently interested in questions of absence in the art discourses of the Western world. Whose epistemology is unquestioned? Who has power? Who does not? Why? Chris appreciates his audiences a lot.

France and Chris were the co-recipients of the inaugural Audain Aboriginal Curatorial Fellowship awarded by Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. They co-authored Understanding Aboriginal Art in Canada Today for the Canada Council. They are co-directing Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires, a 3-year, national initiative, emphasizing the centrality of Indigenous artists and artists of colour in imagining new “creation stories” for the territory now known as Canada.

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