How to Contribute Photos via Flickr and Instagram

Share photos of RMOOC activity or relevant metaphors via two of the most popular photo sharing tools. Both Flickr and Instagram can share directly from your smart phone.

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How to Get Started

flickr-128Flickr is one of the oldest social media tools, pioneering many of the features of modern tools starting in 2004. Now part of Yahoo!, with flickr you can set up a free account that allows you to upload to flickr via your computer or from several mobile apps. Organize photos by tags and sets, and share via other social media tools.

instagram-128Instagram is a bit newer on the scene but has grown to be very popular for its ease of use as a mobile app, and its set of creative filters to give photos various looks from retro to grunge to artistic. It was so valuable it was bought by Facebook. Apps are available for Android via the Google Play Store and for iOS devices via the iTunes Store.

How to Contribute to the RMOOC Site

To have your pictures appear in the RMOOC Photo Hub, simply tag them rmooc when uploaded to flickr or #rmooc when using instagram. Besides appearing in the photo hub, where they can be favorited, you also are displaying photos from both sites in the Photo Gallery.

Note that the RMOOC site will only check flickr and Instagram once an hour for new photos, so there can be a short lag before your newest ones appear in the hub. For new flickr accounts, your photos will not show up for a tag until you have published at least 5 photos to your account. Also, flickr can sometimes take even longer for tagged photos to appear in its feed, they should appear within a day at the most.

Like all other syndicated content, all photos added to the hubs are also within the general flow of the site.

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