How to Contribute Easily via a Quick Dispatch

quick-post-128If you do not want use a blog, we have an much easier way for you to post to our site using software you know well- email!

See the RMOOC Dispatch Hub

How to Get Started

There is nothing to do beyond getting the email address! You can send it form your computer, your phone, your tablet.

Because anyone with this address could post to our site, we have stored it, as well as a downloadable contact card, in a special password protected area. The password will be provided to all registered participants; if you need a reminder of the password, please contact us.

How to Contribute to the RMOOC Site

When you send an email to the special address, the subject line becomes the title of the post, and anything you put in the body, including formatting, links and attachments, are published in the quick post hub and are part of the full site flow.


  • The entire body of the message, including formatting, will make up the content of the post.
  • Any attachments, e.g. images, PDFs, will be appended to the post.
  • If your email footer does not begin with two dashes (this is a data indicator of the footer), if you place at the end of your written message a blank line followed by [end] the rest of the email (e.g. the footer) will be ignored.

Nothing in the Dispatch will identify you, so if you want to include your name, you can choose to do so.

Learn More

We are hoping you are pretty adept at sending email! If you are interested see some of the other options available in the post by email tool.

Also, while we would have liked to have offered an option to post by SMS, it is not quite technically feasible without special arrangements with a carrier. However see How to Contribute via twitter for a way you could post to this site via SMS to twitter.

5 Responses to How to Contribute Easily via a Quick Dispatch

  1. Leanne Laberge says:

    I am a Metis elder and I was recently interviewed for a paper done by Jeannine Carriere of UVIC with regards to the placement of Metis children in Residential School. I would like to participate further in this conversation.

    • Ashok Mathur says:

      Thank you for posting this. We would very much like to have you engaged in this conversation. Please let us know how you would like to participate — if you have some information about the Metis children that you would like to share, that would be very important, and we can figure out how to go about this.

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  4. Norma Dunning says:

    Do you have to download JetPak ? This has a dark grey background making it difficult to read – can this be changed? N.

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