Mark Igloliorte: o k’inādās July 22 panel

Tomas Jonsson

Mark Igloliorte  spoke of the importance of observation in painting. Photographs depict a fraction of second, life sliced down to moment, whereas in painting hours, days are poured into their construction. In the time that is required to make a painting, the shifting, moving body results in shifts in perspectives.  Each move points to a multitude of possibilities.

Mark spoke of using art as means to stay connect to culture and community, a way to transfer knowledge.  Through a public art project in Charlottetown PEI, the public could tether their dogs to a Kamatik dog sled and model for a painting. Participants were able to consider their pets in relation to the cull of sled dogs, part of a government policy of relocation of Northern communities off land. A way to talk about difficult issues, with empathy, to affect their way of being in the world.  He ended with his plans to work with the kayak which has become part of West Coast culture, intrigued with how can engage with, make part of life, have connection, possibilities for engagement.

O k’inadas // complicated reconciliations: an artist residency
Round table panel presentation. The Indigenous Summer Intensive is coordinated by the Creative Studies Department, in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at UBC Okanagan Campus.

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