Greetings, Indigenous Activist Art participants

2017 summer intensive

Greetings all,

This message, is intended for those who are either registered as an undergraduate or graduate student in Indigenous Activist Art at the UBCO Summer Indigenous Intensive program (July 21 – Aug 1, 2014) , or artists-in-residence, guest artists, or visiting scholars who are attending some part of our course and artist residency. 

In any case, welcome!

For those of you taking the course for credit, here is some information of relevance:

In keeping with the participatory nature of this program, we have not predetermined the readings or the schedule as we feel this will develop (with some guidance) in a more organic fashion. However, we have a selection of texts that we are providing to the class at no charge and which will prove good background reading/preparation for our ten-day course. These texts – Cultivating Canada and Speaking My Truth from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, The Life and Times of Buffalo Boy from Truck Gallery in Calgary, and a multi-media package on the history and context of residential schools from the Legacy of Hope Foundation – will be available on the first day of class or you can pick them up from the main office of Creative Studies (CCS 160) anytime before that date. There may be additional articles that will be sent out via email as our discussions evolve. Readings should be considered background information in class discussions.

We will begin our course at 10 am, Wednesday, July 23 – as we will be a mobile bunch, we will meet at the FINA Art Gallery, in the main lobby of the Creative and Critical Studies building, and together we can determine what space we want to use during the day. Our faculty dean, Wisdom Tettey, will visit with us at 10:30 that morning, and after introductions and orientations, we will listen to a talk/reading by Paul Seesaquasis, editor at Theytus Books who will be visiting UBCO from the En’owkin Centre.

We’ll start with an overview and introduction of methodologies and principles, a discussion of the ten days ahead, key concepts, and we will move into some artist introductions. We will also talk about how your daily blog entries can be most effective, and we’ll re-activate this existing website, which was initiated last year to feature the activities of an artist residency on art and reconciliation. 

This course is an investigation of Indigenous activist art and related artistic, critical, and activist activities, so we hope to explore a number of avenues and opportunities along the way. Feel free to bring in whatever interests you in this regard and let’s work together to provide a fruitful and productive experience over our time together.

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