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2017 summer intensive

It’s been a week since the Summer Indigenous Arts Residency opened to a flow of creators from all sorts of places. There is the core group of four amazing artists who will be in the house until the middle of August. There is the O k’inādās residence and artist collective, numbering close to 30, who will be on site from one to six weeks, a veritable revolving door of artists thinking through a variety of provocations. There is the Earth Line Indigenous Tattoo training program, which actually started a couple of weeks earlier, and they will be sharing images and videos at the UBCO FINA Gallery in the main concourse of the CCS building on Tuesday, July 12 (6 pm opening). And there are graduate students, undergraduates, courses of all kinds, faculty, technicians, community members, all assembled during our regular Wednesday noon panels at the University Theatre.

This morning, we all gathered to go over the week ahead and to welcome new arrivals.







And things, indeed, are starting to happen. Studios are filling, walls are being covered with plastic, supply runs are happening, ideas are flowing fast and furious. Performance artist David Khang just came in yesterday for a week-long visit of what seems to be crescending durational art, his intent to walk one hour the first day (today), two hours the next, building to a seven-hour walk, all while outfitted in Korean army fatigues (a continuing art project for him that has taken him to various nation states and fractured spaces).

All this amidst a sea of art openings and art events that will take us all over the place and back again. For those who are close in, come join us. For those far away, join us at rmooc for a display and discussion of how things are, and how they might be.


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