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2017 summer intensive

So, technically, yesterday was the final day for the action-portion of rmooc! Today’s posting reflects what may be the last build of the site before we turn it toward an archive of sorts, and then see how it may transmogrify for the work to be done. We end, fittingly enough, where we started. We just installed the Reconsidering Reconciliation exhibition at the UBC-Okanagan FINA gallery in Kelowna after the artwork was driven down, graciously, by Stephen Foster. You will recall that the rmooc really kicked off with the start of the recon recon residency, back on July 15. We continued to post process through the end of the res on Aug 15, and followed that with numerous other coverages including the Ghost Dance exhibition at the Ryerson Image Gallery in Toronto, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission national gathering in Vancouver, the first staging of the Recon show at the Thompson Rivers Art Gallery, and now its current incarnation including a video walk through of the opening in Kelowna. Along the way, we tried to touch on other matters of art and reconciliation as best we could, including shows like Beat Nation and Reconsidering Curtis, all part of this rmooc. So here you have it, the final swath of photos from the opening night of the show at UBC-O. Time now, perhaps, for rest and reconsideration of a different kind. The work has just begun.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.35.09 AM

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