O K’inādās provocation

2017 summer intensive

there is so much land beneath Canada. the invisible trickling of snowmelt down the mountain, the air that smells of spring. the first sighting of pussy willows, the blood that pulses through every mammal in every moment. these provocations might not be seen because they are enfolded into the next provocation and the next. underneath our feet.

the moments that challenge our relationship to this land. this idea, this reconciliation, is a provocation. it is challenging us to transform. but it seems so much more than that. the idea becomes discourse becomes ideology becomes doctrine and then becomes delicious, and all of this fits nicely on a t-shirt.

the land is deeper than all of this. but then, what is the land? what does it ask of us? what does it need from us? on the most rare occasion it has inspired hatred; at other times, fear, not in that revulsion/rejection sort of way but that sense of bewilderment, awe in its incomprehensibility, its transformative power, its apathy at times to human migrations and settlements.

what provocations can be transformative?  is there a better word? to provoke. to move. to push back. to remember. complications that we often don’t want to acknowledge for fear of change. O K’inādās gathering moments. inviting acknowledgement of the problems of reconciliation. inviting us to remember the history of bodies coming together which reaches further back than talk of reconciliation. Minquon Panchayat. O K’inādās remembers and walks with this history.

O K’inādās utilized by the system to shake it from within and to take steps out. steps require risk. and some steps require greater risk than others. perhaps to prove the complications that we abide by every day. O K’inādās provocation also says, let’s organize a new system of what we find because we ask these difficult questions.

this provocation invites us to think about the important work of artists, curators, thinkers who move ideas/thoughts/bodies forward. this is a living response. this is revolution. the art form has power. it documents the many variable histories, as well as the moments of spectacular misfires. the revolution is collected, collecting, sometimes, collective, collectives that shape-shift into other states of affairs. O K’inādās. there is movement, there is the balance of form, the swiftness and slowness of time, the connectivities of the imagination that have or will become manifest.

the provocation is that there is unspeakable depths to the land beneath all of these vamps. 

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